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Front end brake noise under hard braking

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Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction. When doing some spirited driving where braking hard and often is required, after a while I hear what's best described as moaning sounds coming from the front of the car. Backing of and cooling things down makes it stop, subsequent hard braking brings it back.

A further important detail, it does not happen when braking hard on a straight-ish road, it happens when braking is followed immediately by hard turn in. I think that last bit may be especially important. I uprated my tie rod ends to turbo items many years ago, the rest of the suspension is stock from a Carrera 3.2. Brakes are also from a 3.2.


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Sounds like a dragging brake to me. I had this for a long time. I swore it was from the front but turned out to be the rear in the end!!

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