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Window winder mechanism


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Does anyone have one of these knocking about?

I would like to know the dimensions of the quadrant shaped toothed part. Ie is it an actual quadrant and would 4 make a circle (with a bit of trimming) and what would the diameter of the circle be? Or is the arc not a quadrant but "flattened"? If you have one please could you measure it for me?

Thank you


Oh, and the number of teeth and the height of them :D

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Don't know if it's just the photo Phil but it looks more than 90 degrees.

I had a dig through my photo's and the ones I took off also kind of confirm this. The keep fit versions I replaced mine with are completely different.




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Thanks Alex. I don't think they are going to meet my needs. I would need eight for my project as well, so a bit spendy. Better to get some cut that will fit my project. Back to the drawing board.

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