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88 turbo backdate


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New build.


88 Turbo base car, 2.8 RSR backdate.

G50 box with quaife slippy diff , new guards gears.

3.4 naturally aspirated on AT Power ITB`s, GT3 Crank, RSR cams rocker arms etc - on MOTEC - built by Richard Chamberlain.

KW Clubsport Coilover suspension

New Loom new everything , 9+11 15 inch Fuchs.




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Very very nice, you know how to spend money well 👍 

Have you rolling roaded it? What's the power?

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thanks chaps. Its 930 rear brakes, 964 front brakes. I knew 930s would clear 15s, but people told me 964s wouldnt. they did.

no particular reason for using 964 brakes other than the fact that the car for some reason already had em - so got em refurbished. 

its Braids 9+11 15s. 

Powerwise, oh I dont know... somewhere north of 300 ;) engine isnt dynoed ( or built!!) yet - its at parts washing and blasting at Wrightune.

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I’m green, green.....green, you’ll never go to Heaven Axel, St Peter will wag his finger at you and say that you were far, far too lucky on Mother Earth and need to serve penance!! On a more serious note, another fantastic find to add to your collection, good luck to you and many, many miles of smiles.



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