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Front Suspension Mounting Corrosion


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It’s been said before that IB’s hide corrosion really well, I can now vouch for that…

What started out as a relatively routine front suspension overhaul of Bushes, Ball joints and Turbo Tie-rods, has turned into a bit more of a task…

Its common with a 40+ year old car to drop a little debris when an Impact Gun is used to remove stubborn bolts, but I found a little more than normal when I removed the front A frame mounting.

A little prodding and a couple of pinholes discovered, digging a little deeper, and 15 minutes with a grinder and radial brush revealed full extent of the rot.

On the face of it, a Front Pan and Tank Support could now be on the cards !


Nearside A frame mount.jpg

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Part 2 of my front suspension mounting saga..

With the front hood stripped out, the full extent of the corrosion starts to becomes apparent.

Although superficially the under hood view looks normal enough, stripping away paint and stone-chip and cutting away the front Tank Support shows the true scale.

One positive being that the OSF mounting area is completely sound.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the front lower corner must have suffered damage at some stage in the cars 46 year life and the repair was below Stuttgart assembly standards...

There's no going back now !!


Porsche NSF 2.jpg

Porsche NSF1.jpg





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Hi there, 

Always a bit   😬 when you start digging but you seem to have more metal then hole which is a good start. Have you get the welding skills already  or are you learning on the job?    


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Hi Rich

As you say, never a great feeling when you are at the digging stage not knowing the full extent of any corrosion,

I'd always known my Kidneys were less than perfect, but hadn't planned on any work at the front end... But its coming apart OK thus far. Fortunately 911's seem to me made of lighter gauge steel than others of the early 70's, so the welds part easier than many.

Fortunately I have some basic welding skills; although they like my bodywork are a little rusty, having not done any for close to 10 years. I think it will be a day of set-up and practice before I go anywhere near the car !

If I can get the front pan out this week I'll be happy, just need to fabricate  Jig to maintain suspension centres before I loose by reference datum.


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Your call of course but given that your rhs looks fine I'd be making a more localised repair there. 

You'd still need a new front lower section (recommend Restoration Design) due to complex multiple curves but you would save yourself a huge amount of cutting and welding by letting a new piece in at that corner.

Just my :twocents:



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Thanks for the input Al. Your view and mine are along the same lines.

As the RHS is in such good shape, no point disturbing things.

I have a front new front Pan on order and the intention is to split the Pan it in half and only use the left hand side, followed by a complete new Front Tank support over the top.

This way it gives me the option of adding reinforcement within the Tank support to bridge the join.


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