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911 SC instruments & gear knob

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Hi folks,

Great forum - can’t believe it’s taken me so long to find it! I’ve owned an ‘81 sc backdate for over 10 years :0

Can anyone tell me the inside diameter of an SC gear knob (915 gearbox) or the outer diameter of the top of the gear stick?

Also, does anyone have a speedo for sale - my speedo works fine but doesn’t record miles?
Alternatively, is there someone who repairs them?

Many thanks



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Welcome Adam, wrong forum to post in but look here 


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15mm OD for you gear lever. 

The gears for the odometer may be stripped or just worn. I replaced mine on my last SC, it was a bit fiddly but do-able. I'll try to remember where I bought the parts. 


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1 hour ago, AdamMJ said:

Ah, that’s great - was it quite straight forward to see which cog was worn / broken?

Yes, it's the one that looks the same as your new one but has teeth missing😁

Sorry, couldn't resist. It will be obvious. 

There's you tube videos walking you through it. I managed it and I've got fingers like a cows tits!! 

Just take your time and don't damage the needle. Very rewarding and you get to retain the original speedo. 

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