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Advice on Oil Tank


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Hi guys, looking for some expert advice on my oil tank....

I was checking a leak from the sender gasket, but once I cleaned the area up, I see that the tank is looking a bit bare.  I would prefer not to take the tank out, but is it false economy if I just POR 15 the bare surfaces?


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when you take it out have a good look at the top where its flat, and under the big seal at the body, you often get quite a bit of rot both to the tank and the body, due to mud etc.

Temporarily i have fixed oil tank leaks with araldite, not that your asking that, just saying it works, for sure paint it!


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its a tw4t (the oil line nut mostly), the tank is a squeeze, cant remember on removing the valance, will need heat for sure on that big nut. Might as well leave it to your next oil change and do it then.  

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