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Short ratio 915 on DDK


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This sounds like a bargain.


gearbox for sale, box was built for fitting to a car while the original box was in for repair;

Box is a Mag case 1977 (most like from a 3.0Lt Carrera)
it has a corse spline diff and 4 bolt/2 pin flanges fitted, can be changed to the smaller 6 bolt type
the clutch shaft can be the long or the short type, as it was for the later clutch arm and at the moment has a addapter for the early short arm
the CWP is 8:31
the ratios are; close ratio 2nd/3rd/4th
1st AZ 11:35
2nd KW 20:32
3rd NT 23:29
4th TS 29:28
5th ZD/T 38:29

the box (at the moment) will run a Mech or Elec speedo
for sale at £3,500

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