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Oil pipe removal


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I’ve taken the cooler out, cut the rear pipes with the intention to dropping both pies and thermostat to tackle on the bench...problem is I can’t figure how to get the pipes and thermostat out....do I need to take off the torsion bar cap?

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What car ?  You can wiggle it out with a 915 gearbox

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6 minutes ago, limalbeps said:

G50 3.2.   Also there is no electric fan behind the oil cooler...is this normal?

Only fitted in certain markets.

My C16 UK car does not have one.

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The reason why I started all this was looking at the state of the tank in the first place. Having said all that, given how rusty the pipes looked, they are pretty thick when you cut through the them

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Just having a go at this business in order to fit some SSI HEs to my SC.

The two hammer trick is a good call - I was telling somebody last week how well this works with ball joints.

My oil tank and engine connections have loosened, but I ideally need both rearward facing pipes of the TS and neither are moving thus far!!

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The slitting approach looks a bit like this:-

(Just one pipe for me [SSI fitment] so left the lot on the car)


My tool of choice is a cordless Dremel type tool, with a Dremel "Speed-Clic" 38mm cutting disk setup. These do not break like the pot-hard cheapy disks.




Slit on the bottom of the nut (the 6 o'clock position. Photo from the ground up.



Split on the top - approx 1-2 o'clock. Cut quite deep. Then thumped towards the interior of the car with a chisel:-



The nut hinges open nicely. You can see the aluminum oxide on the threads:-


You can see here there is witness marks from slitting this 2 previous times!! Oil draining....



Cleaning up with a small wire brush:-



New pipe fitted. (Its not tight here - got some minor alignment issues to address first.)



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