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Been a while..................


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I kind of wrote off 2020 for using the car. Enthusiasm was very low :( 

  Anyway, FF to 2021 & everything is still stuff. But, sod it, am going to get some good use out of it for the feel good factor :) 

Aiming to get the car serviced in March/April & will have a few jobs done at the same time. N/S/F has a minor knock when cold??? 2 x minor oil leaks & to get my "Carrera" Decals sorted once & for all as the ones currently fitted are wrong.

 Positivity is the key & am determined to have a good year with the car :) 

Pic, so I remember what it looks like :D 


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With this lovely weather, I've managed to dust off my little red car for a trip to SpecSavers and also to Sainsburys --- oh what joy!!  But I did do the long (30 miles) country road route home, roof down,  which was brilliant and really got the adrenaline flowing for future, more legal,  whizzes around the countryside👍.

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