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Turbo piston rings

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Hi there.....maybe someone can help me?

I have a 3.1 sc-l from 1980 . The engine was factory produced using early turbo barrels, SC crank with high compression mahle pistons.

As it was a special run spares are no longer available. I suspect the ring pack  have the same dimensions as the standard early turbo, has anyone got a set of rings that they could measure for me?

The pistons and barrels are in good condition, I will replate and hone the barrels but I want to be sure to order the correct rings.

Many thanks in advance


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Piston Ring kit 50367N0 by MAHLE ORIGINAL



1. M 1,5 IF, 2. M 1,5 IF, 3. GSF 4,0


Cyl.Bore  95 mm



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Standard (97.00 mm) 1.5 - 1.5 - 3.5 mm

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Thanks very much!

I'll get them ordered, any idea for the best place to buy, original mahle is best I presume?

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