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Gauging Interest: Supply and fit (drive in drive out) BitzEFI to replace CIS

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I am gauging to see if there would be much interest in a fixed price drive in drive out BITZefi install?

I have the system fitted to my car and can't rate it high enough especially based on the relatively low cost of the system. It is reversible should you wish to reinstate the CIS.

More info here: https://www.bitzracing.com/

Until now the system is only available as mail order from Canada and is designed as a DIY however this may not be for everyone.

I have been in chat with my local Porsche indy (located just outside Reading / Berks) and it is something he might be interested in supplying and installing but only if there is some interest.

I am not affiliated or member of the trade and looking at this as a matter of interest and something that may help the 911 community.

Cheers, Jack

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I’ve been aware of Bitz for a while but was focussing on ITBs right up until she (long haired bank manager)grew a frown I hadn’t seen before at my engine overhaul bill in early Jan.  Suddenly Bitz is more interesting.  What benefits have you noticed since the install? Plenty of positive stuff on Pelican but it would be good to get the UK version.  James Vaz was running a kit until he fitted Triumph ITBs I recall.


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I plan to install the 955i ITB, it will make the fuel runners redundant but will still require the EFI and associated gubbins to chuck fuel in to the ITB's!

My 911 came from the US with it installed and seems to be really good, I plan to get it on a rolling road soon and a custom map however the shipped map seems ok. The plugs are a good colour and the car starts really well cold or hot.

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