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Oil Recommendation 1976 2.7s

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Hi guys I purchased a 76 911s about 6 months ago and have managed to get her out a few times and she does run very well. I contacted the previous owner who had the engine rebuilt about 2k ago - I had understood the oil had been changed post rebuild but it seems he now says not so an oil change beckons.

Strasse who rebuild the engine have 5w40 Millers synthetic in it which they stand by as its Porsche A40 approved.

The whole of the rest of the world says use something like Valvoline mineral 20w/50

Having posted on faceache earlier I am suitably confused. I will speak to Strasse again on Tuesday but what's you think.

Suggestion from there is that the 5w40 will lunch it short order but there ain't much in the way of science just change to a multi grade.

Yours perplexed



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Oh Yeah! Oil thread :dancer:

Valvoline VR1, without a doubt.

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if its not leaking, or burning oil, then stick with what's in it, especially as the engine was just rebuilt. I would (have used) anything from a 5/40, 10/40, 15/40, to 20/50 depending on the particular engine (all a/c 911's) and its general condition at the time. 

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