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Cleaning your engine cases?

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Hey there,

I'm starting to prepare everything for reassembly and its the subject if cleaning! 

Cases, heads, cam carriers, valve covers.......

Can people out there share their experiences, method against results with pictures if possible.

Any hot tips what to avoid, what to clean afterwards, oil galleries piston squirters etc etc

Looking forward to seeing and reading your experiences.

Big thanks in advance!


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For me it was a rifle bore cleaning set with a bucket of brake cleaner for oil galleries, followed by aerosol brake cleaner for higher pressure cleaning.  Aerosol brake cleaner with the nozzle pressed tight, for the piston squirters.

For the main case, cam carriers, etc I tried degreaser, brake cleaner and all sorts but wasn’t happy with the end result.  Tried to find someone with an industrial dishwasher but gave up



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