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Rear calipers 3.2 split...

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Unfortunately I didn't do my research and split both rear calipers. Has anyone managed to find the half o ring seals or are they now financially scrap? Only paid £40 for the pair and they are rough (hence why I was planning on doing a DIY rebuild)


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The seals are available so I would try contacting one of the calliper refurbishers, there are some names recommended on here if you do a search.   Sorry but I can’t recall their names. 

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For those that haven’t seen it, a great guide here http://www.pmbperformance.com/brakehowto.html


I might have bought my half seals from PMB but I believe that Roger Bray does them https://www.rogerbrayrestoration.com/shop/caliper-joining-sealing-ring/



Check whether your calipers have the spacer - if they do, then you need twice as many seals

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