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1976 2.7 Standard headers, standard 3.0SC 1 in 1 out, straight thru Dansk 'decat'?

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My 911 currently has an extended pre-silencer ending in a 3" tail pipe. It sounds fierce but also slightly annoying.

Unfortunately I do not have the money to fit a full new system so hoping to achieve something that still sounds sporty. 

My thinking is to pick up an SC standard back box and fit https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod1738/Porsche-911-Pre-Silencer-Dansk-92300--92300S/

Hopefully the whole lot can be done for less than £200.

Any experience of the Dansk bypass pipe in conjunction with standard silencer?


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You will notice little or no difference to a standard system which, what you are proposing, pretty much is really.

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