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Not as bad as it looks


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Panel gaps look good. I'd get some jack stands under and some bracing in to keep them! Hope it goes well, I'm just in the process of doing inner and outer sills for the first time. 


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Unfortunately you'll need to also check the other know rust areas, but as the others have said once sorted then properly looked after, it'll be awesome 

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The car had some bodywork restoration in the 90's when the last (second) owner bought it, so it's in really good shape in all the usual areas. The o/s kidney and inner wing are being done at the moment along with a general body tidy up, re finishing the wheels and anything else it needs.

It was taken off the road in 04 and stored for 14 years, it's been 'recommissioned' over the last couple of years, including an Autofarm engine build!!!

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