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Morning guys ,

can anyone explain what these no. S mean please 

It’s on the jam of the drivers door and is completely different from the chassis plate 

The other is stamped on the wheels .

also Is this the wrong car to be on here ? To early as not a IB 

cheers G




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See here - https://www.912registry.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=22055&module_id=186808



97-‘ signifies that the original paint was 140C / 284F degree 'baking paint', which was oven cured with all heat sensitive parts removed

Paint number 6809

Colour number 018

Colour name Tangerine



From 1965 through 1969 original paint manufacturers were designated by suffix letters:  L = Lechler  G = Glasurit  |  H = Herbol


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