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Successful heat exchanger paint!

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Thought I’d have a go at a cleanup and paint of my heat exchangers before shelling out. Surface rust mainly but I’ve done a lot of tidying work under my SC so the heat exchangers were letting it down.

The engine was rebuilt not that long ago so thankfully they came off OK, not helped by use of hex nuts on all studs rather than barrel nuts on the less accessible studs.

Went at them hard with wire disk on grinder. Then a double cycle of my favourite rust converter Fertan. Then bit of a scuffing, two coats of aluminium zinc paint and two coats of high temp satin lacquer.

Back on with the correct fittings and a nervous start of the key, following by biting of nails as temperatures rose. Bit of smoke initially as paint seemed to be degassing but thankfully no bubbling or burning off. I was worried because I’d had a bad experience before trying this on a mild steel back box. 


Above was a video but don’t see a way of doing that? Do we still have to link to external hosting for video?

Anyway, chuffed to bits. I was going to nick the SSIs from my 2.4 which is in bits but no longer necessary!

For some added excitement, here’s a random shot of some beautiful Billies just cos I’m also well pleased with these. EC0B50B7-C7D1-42FB-A313-4DA8D80F3A7E.thumb.jpeg.ecd3acf7e21052f9f97c5f473ef7f3f4.jpeg

cheers all,


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