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Porsche 930 Targa door mirror switch


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I was hoping someone could help. I’m currently putting back together the drivers door of the Porsche 930 targa and had to take the door mirror switch off to retrim the door. I can’t remember where each of the 7 prongs went within the switch board, there are 2 round prongs and 5 flat ones.


hope to hear from someone soon


many thanks 


Ben Smyth

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My SC has a separate change over switch, but looking at Bentley for the earlier 3.2 cars, my best guess is .....

1 - Blk / Wht

2 - Brn

3 - Wht / Grn

4 - Blk/Vio

5 - Yell


L - Wht / Brn

R - Wht/Blu


L - Blk

R - Blk / Blu



There are 2 sets of L&R markings.  Just guess which are which, however, if when you move the switch the mirrors go up & down rather than left to right, then switch the L&R wires from the one set of L&R to the other.  Does that make any sense at all 🤣

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Good news - I have the wire colours as I’ve just done mine


Less good news - I’m away sailing for a few days & the info is at home

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