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Subaru Forester STi - Low Miles - A1 Condition


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Subaru Forester STi - 50k miles from new, imported from Japan via GT Torque (Jap importers) they only source A-1 condition and modify the cars to UK spec and ensure comply with UK Road standards. The engine is standard (quick enough) it can be tuned and many are. This has a stainless exhaust and new adjustable suspension to give you either a comfortable ride or a sharpened ride. Interior is in great condition (unusually)a lot suffer with melting plastic cabin, this one is perfect, it does now have a  modified touch screen head unit (Kenwood) and new rear speaker and sub woofer.

So this car is the correct rally Blue (Burns/McRae) paintwork with a scratch on door mirror (minor not touched in) and a small dent on wing the size of a 10 pence that will pop out if your bold enough to try. If I was going to keep the car I would also have wheels re-painted, they are ok but could do with a lift. It is an estate so can be sold to the family as a sensible option, it has 6 gears and on a journey at 70 mph the Turbo is not spooled, so get's about 30 mpg and is quiet and relaxed. Drive it with the Turbo on and it is not sensible at all, the mpg is some what lower than 30!!! 

The car has an excellent AWD system, look on YouTube it works incredibly well, these cars are built with 10 years of Rallying pedigree under their belt and are very reliable and everything works. (I have another Forester with 155k and have done the last 25k miles in the last 3 years).

Plus side, Japan has no salt on the roads, so cars have less rust or in this ones case - no rust at all. Japanese cars have annual MOT test (Shaken) which is £650 every two years, this encourages new cars to be purchased as they are exempt, removing older cars from the road. So cars like this Scooby  are generally run and maintained exceptionally well by enthusiasts with deep pockets.

These cars were only produced in Japan they were never exported so rare in UK, they have a claimed 265 bhp turbo 2.5 4 cylinder Boxer engine (makes me smile every time I drive the car) 0-60 claimed 5.1 and a top speed of 140mph. This car is very quick and feels very quick when driving on the revs, however, if driven with out turbo boost it is very docile.

There is rarely STi in this condition with 50k miles for sale, I looked at the ones I could when buying, most had been given a hard life, most of the adverts are for Japanese cars in Japan waiting for your deposit before importing ( this takes 3+ months to import pre Covid) and you won't know the condition. FSH (Japanese) and import details from GT Torque. £15,750

Subaru Forester STi - 1 of 1 (1).jpeg

Subaru Forester STi - 1 of 1 (2).jpeg

Subaru Forester STi - 1 of 1 (3).jpeg

Subaru Forester STi - 1 of 1.jpeg

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