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Sudden electrical gremlins

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Just headed out for a drive following a long downpour of biblical proportions that my 911 stood in. I got a couple of miles down the road with my headlights, wipers and heater on before the wipers stopped working. Due to continuing heavy rain I had to abandon my journey and return home to investigate.

  • The wipers are now completely dead, both on normal fixed speed and intermittent speed.
  • If I switch my rotary heat control dial to a setting 6 or greater, or my headlights on, my indicators stop working and all my dashboard gauges lose power.
  • Electric windows, sunroof, stereo and fresh air blower all still work fine.

All the controls mentioned were working fine a couple of days ago, although it may be the first time I’ve used the headlights/wipers/heater all at the same time.

I’m almost certainly going to take it to my local back-street Porsche specialist for a fix, but it would be great to know if anyone here has experienced anything similar.


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1 hour ago, SilverWT said:

Rotate the fuses in their sprung holders as a first step.

This should be a regular maintenance task!

And then install Johnny's fuse board and eliminate electrical issues :signs85:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thought I’d update on this. I took a look at the fuses and, though none were blown, a lot of them looked pretty old. I installed a completely new set, and this seemed to solve the problem.

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