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Yeah I have seen that video, I check out a few for inspiration :)

I looked at Lakewell's videos too before starting, and as they mention one of your best references is the car itself. If the car you are working on is original then all the detail is there, take good note as to pull out the stuff you want to renew for ideas on methods of madness, worse thing is if work has been done before your ownership and finish is not up to factory standard and detail is lost. There is a bit of that with this car,  I am customising it a bit myself but trying to keep up the Porsche standard of finish and detail, will be nice if when Im done it looks like the factory did it, see how we go.

Speaking of which, started on the seats.


Lots of dirt and dust when you pull off the old covers, also found two American dimes, one dated 1979 (year of the car) and one 1967. And as mentioned before check out how it was done as you pull off the covers, and do them one at a time, you can double check detail on the one you haven't pulled apart yet while you assemble the other then the one you have finished becomes the one for reference on the following seat.

The backs are probably the hardest to do as in fixing the inserts in place as you go so I'll show what I did.


Turn the cover almost completely inside out with just the headrest part the right way then work it onto position the most you can.


There are flaps sewn to various parts of the inserts that form pockets for wire to fit in, these get pushed into the slots in the foam right through to the seat back where the are held in place with hog rings, the flap at the base of the headrest is first.


You then start to push the cover down over the seat back while feeding in the two side flaps to be secured in the same way, is a bit of a wrestle.


Here's the first of about 5 rings per side that get fitted, you would see signs of where the old ones where as a guide.


When you get about this far down (the first two rings in each side in place) you can carefully roll the cover down (be careful not to tear the cover at that point) and massage it down a bit more.


Access to the final few hog ring positions is pretty good at this point, I did make a small sharp hook on the end of a piece of coat hanger wire to get hold of the wire in the cloth flap and pull it through to the seat back position rather than push through by hand from the other side, both methods have their place at times.

From this point on massage the covers down and all the foam in place then the final stretch of the covers onto the appropriate spikey fasteners in reverse order of removal, there will be a few other bits that get held in place with hog rings too. I will be making the holes for the various fixtures and fittings last feeling through for their positions and using the old covers as an additional guide for type of cuts and position also.


These are the hog ring pliers, they are spring loaded so you can set up a ring in them ready to go. Tip of the day, set the pliers up before you get the insert wire into place (a two hand job) because one hand will be busy holding the wire (or other connection) in place while you pick up the pliers to clip it in place, can't tell you how many times I had all ready to go then have to release the position to then load the pliers!


Old covers off, new on. There had been extra padding added to the insert area of the old covers of the seat bases that was never really needed, yes the bolsters can need this at some stage but not the centre. I removed this and as you can see the inserts are full enough, they should be flat with the bolsters full.

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With heat delete on this car I've removed all heater controls/levers from around the handbrake area for minimalist look. I made a vinyl handbrake boot to suit and sewed it to the tunnel carpet so one less boot to pop out of the carpet and rattle around. Staying with stock style shifter boot detail for the moment.

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This morning I made a new parcel shelf, luckily I had enough black vinyl left from recovering the door top trims and there was enough cork vinyl I got in to do new door panels to use to finish the bulkhead part of the parcel shelf.
I took the black across level with the side trim tops so I think that flows around well, plus I sewed in some detail to match the stripes that will go on the outside of the car.



All will be locked in place by the two luggage strap saddles that go on top and there will be the two black screws that go down in the lower two corners. I forgot to fit the metal tab on the lower central part of the cover that slips into a locator on the bulkhead before I covered the backing board, bit annoyed, but it seems to be sitting well without it so all good.

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