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1989 Sunroof Wind Deflector


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Could anyone advise on which sunroof wind deflector I would need for my 1989 930?

I notice Design 911 list theirs as '83-89 without spoiler, while another seller list theirs as '83-87. Hard to believe that Porsche would've had two different versions at the same time. '89 cars use 964 windscreens, so I was wondering whether the same is true for this part. Also, what do D911 mean by "without spoiler"?

Thank you in advance!

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I think I figured it out. The base plate seems to be identical, just the actual pop up deflector was redesigned to feature the "spoiler", hence it superseded the older design and was standard on the 964. My car has the flat one and the one I mentioned above is NOS, so I ordered it and fingers crossed it will be right.

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