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Has anyone used this system?

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On 03/09/2021 at 11:50, gt two said:

I have been told this will fit my 3.0sc with SSI's.

Its a Dansk dual outlet race system.



@Matt, do these tips come out below a normal rear valance do you know? Been fancying a rear box change for a while but don't want to cut more holes in my valance if possible. (currently run a TT 2in-2out to both rear corners).  Assume the '2-in' bit is a standard spacing for most back boxes? (i run TT race headers).

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Even if they do go under the valance "race sound" may mean you annoy the neighbours and exclude yourself from any noise regulated track days. I've had to temper my TT GT3 box by inserting muffling inserts into the tail pipes, too loud man! 

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I would think that the rear valance would need work, I think they would be just under the bumper

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13 hours ago, Dyaque said:


May I also register an interest, in case it's not suitable for either Lee or Matthew for some reason?



Hi Jack, Matthew has said he would like it but if things change I will come back to you

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