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915 suddenly dropping oil

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Eveving all

I last drove my car properly in late July when it was very hot. Out of 2 journeys one day and 1 the next, each about an hour, the middle one suffered a very pronounced clutch judder when taking off from stationary. This journey had much more stop-start than the other two journeys, but there was no clutch judder during the other two.

A quick search here suggested I should check the adjustment on the clutch cable, and that remains on my to do list. But... 

I have just been out to the car and there is a large oil stain on the garage floor under the gearbox. My car has previously been remarkably dry underneath and this is an unwelcome development.

It looks like the oil may be seeping out of the housing bolts but I see that the offside CV joint is also oily. The nearside also is but nowhere near as much. I hope that the photos below give a good idea.

Is it fair to think that the judder and sudden oiliness are linked?

Is there probably more to the judder than clutch cable adjustment?

Grateful for your thoughts.







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If from bell housing likely engine crankshaft oil seal, Poss contaminating clutch!

or could be small seal on shifter rod running back over box etc when driving…..oil gets everywhere so clean all surfaces and try and trace leak for sure 

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I'm pretty sure it's not engine oil as it does smell different.

Either way, I think investigation and repair are both beyond my meagre skills (and even less time).  Will give Bob at RGA a call tomorrow.

Thanks for the inputs.

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