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Camber and alignment

Guest Adam

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Evening folks, I have my SC booked in for alignment and camber adjustments - does anyone know the correct camber etc for a slightly lowered sc (approx euro spec height) 


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For wat you are talking about, I would take the std factory settings and just add as much front negative camber as you can get - which will only be about half a degree. Then the back will be another half a degree more than you get at the front.  Modern tyres like camber.  The most important thing will be modern tyres - like Michelin Pilot Sport 4. That will make the biggest difference.

The steering is what it is - you can't really change it and it depends on your perspective whether it is already light and responsive.  It is obviously unassisted, so will never be light at parking speeds.  The top strut mount is rubber creating stiction (can be changed to monoball) and over the years 911s ran more and more castor meaning the steering loads up in corners.  And its relatively low geared compared to the stupid fast racks in lots of modern stuff (Quaife do a slightly quicker rack).  Its an acquired taste.  Last thought, you can run less front toe in.  The closer you get to zero toe, the more responsive it will feel.  I would still recommend a smidge of toe in as zero toe rapidly becomes a chore on motorways and straight roads. 

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My car is set up following Richard's advice, but with -1 deg at the front and zero toe.

It is extremely twitchy, darting and tramlining like mad and that's with al renew/rebuilt components.

If you had any wear or play, it would be worse.

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