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Porsche specialist or trusted local

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I need to get the IB serviced and Mot'd shortly, and was looking for some opinions on the importance of using a specialist.

For years I've always went to the same place, it's about 40 minutes drive but I know he does a good job. It's a garage run by an ex BMW mechanic that worked on my M5 for the 7 years I had it. So, he's not a Porsche specialist as such, but I know he does look after a few from feedback on Pistonheads.

My other option is to take it all the way down to a Porsche specialist in Stirling, which from Aberdeen is a bit of a trek every year, around a 250 mile round trip. Question is, if I sell it in a few years time, do you think it will make much difference to a potential buyer, would it bother you if you were looking for one?

I'm in two minds about it, I trust the local guy 100%, and I could do without the long travel, but it's all been specialists every year in it's history so far, and I wouldn't want to devalue the car if it makes a difference.

Personally, I think it's a bit of a nonsense for a car that's, for the most part, quite simple to work on, especially for basic servicing. But interested to hear other views.

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When I first got mine I used specialists - often travelling many miles to do so. It wasn't long before I realised I was paying a lot of money for a stamp so started doing my own. I learnt the car and enjoyed it but will use my local (very very good) garage when I hit issues or have a job which I know has potential pitfalls (e.g. new Stainless heat exchangers this year).

If you are not confident yourself but happy with your local I would use them. Overall they are very simple to work on and there's always help here if you hit an issue.

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Oil, filters, brakes pads/discs are all pretty straight forward DIY stuff.  Same goes for plugs, leads, cap, rotor arm, etc.  Valve clearances can be awkward due to access but otherwise no different to much else from that era, but that's only once every 10k so you can have that done at a specialist if you desired.

If you're capable to do all the above on a VW beetle you can it on a 911.

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Thanks for the replies.

It’s not that I’m afraid of working on the car, I was a mechanic when I first left school, and I’ve already had the engine and gearbox out to change the clutch last year.

However, there appears to be almost an obsession in the uk regarding service history nowadays. A little ironic considering how easy they are to work on, from what I’ve seen so far at least.

I dare say it’s partly due to the hype created by the magazines etc.

So I was wondering what the views on here were regarding what difference it would make to it’s value, if any.

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Agree with that - I've got a spreadsheet of the work done on mine showing dates, mileage etc. I also do individual job sheets with more detail ( make of pads, type of oil etc)

Just wish I was as organiser on keeping receipts - used to be fine but internet purchases made me lazy (or forgetful!)

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