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Odometer dead - usual cog issue


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  • 4 weeks later...

well after all the inspiring comments on here, i took a brave pill and repaired my own odometer on saturday afternoon. :)

Took me about 2.5 hours and i was bricking it the whole time :lol: i had the very useful Youtube video on and just kept pausing it at each stage whilst i worked on the gauge. All went pretty smoothly, hardest bit was getting the shroud off the gauge body, managed to slice the back of one of my fingers open but shedding blood is normal practise working on these cars :rolleyes: and the tiny circlips on the gear wheels were little buggers to get off.

My thanks to 'Strictly' for the cog-gear at IB special price :ani_clapping: and the usual IB collective for inspiration and information. :) Felt quite chuffed to do it myself, wouldnt have dared without this place.

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On 12/04/2022 at 16:37, Devs said:

I added a link to a video further up this thread which I used.    Needle has to be removed.    Have a watch and then have a try.

Just watched the video you posted, thanks as I have just realised my speedo has stopped recording the mileage, however; I also read some of the comments under the video, one in particular made sense,[see below for the original]  it seems  unnecessary to have to remove the whole mechanism on cars from 84 to 89 i.e.; all of the speedo part including the electronics and motor just to repair the odometer part, as this part of the mechanism can be removed without the rest, those interested, please watch the video and let me know your thoughts on my ramblings. 

On my 85 dated speedo I found you didnt have to remove any of the 6 electronic speedo fixings on the back. Actually the mileometer is a completely separate mechanical only chassis which is just screwed on top of the electronic speedo part underneath. You can see in the video if you disturb that there is an insulation sheet plus 3 insulating doughnuts and dozens of wires on the then loose PCB and drive motor that will take a long time to put back and can get damaged and trapped. Just remove the needle and dial as shown and then remove the 4 screws holding the mileometer chassis and lift it out. The shaft pin and 2 c clip axles are clips are all presented to you. Change the gear and reassemble. When you have unpeeled the fascia flange it takes just 5 minutes . You may find the hardest bit is counting the teeth on whats left of the wheel. For the UK and MPH versions its a 20/30 tooth from 75-89.


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12 minutes ago, SurlySurdi said:

This is exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago. I went the long route and had an issue with one of the wires that I then had to rectify. 



I think more folk will attempt the repair if they know it can be done without removing the whole mechanism.


On 01/11/2021 at 20:33, Strictly said:

VFS911 is me ;=) (aka VoFlo, formally Air Cooled Classics, all me)

All net proceeds to my own 911 rebuild, its just a hobby business these days, I don't do it for a living anymore. 12.5% discount on any item I sell, just contact me through PM rather than ebay. Ive not got that much (used) stuff left, a few bits here and there but not alot really left. 



Hi Luke,

Do you still have  20/30 gears left ?

If so, please message me.

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