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Winter storage and fuel


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I'm about to take my 911 off the road for the winter on a SORN.

Fuel level is currently very low - fuel light flickering on bends.

What is the consensus on a 'good' fuel level in the tank for storage? I've heard everything from full to empty.

I've got some Millers fuel tank storage additive but wondering whether to bother putting any fuel in the tank today.

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For me it would be full of premium (not E10) with a stabiliser.

Also I would make sure the good fuel with stabiliser is in all the pipes by driving a few miles.

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i wouldnt leave it low thats for sure. I had a fair bit of trouble last winter after i left the car tucked up for a few months in prime winter lockdown with low fuel. It took a proper italian tune up to get it running smoothly again, and thats despite me always using premium 98 RON.

I had to do some bunny hop driving around the local lanes before i could blast the goodness back through the pipes. It felt good to cure the isssue for free :)

I always read its best to have a full tank to stop condensation building up inside the tank and air pockets, but considering how much fuel our tanks hold i think i'll stick with a half tank like i've always done.

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