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914 EV vs GT3 RS

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Went to a car show yesterday in the 914 EV   I'm still setting the car up - needs geo etc but am getting to grips with how it drives.   It does feel quite spritely but until now no real comparison with anything.

Anyhow, I was parked next to a 997.1 GT3 RS at the show and we just happened to leave in convoy.   On the twisties and overtaking I could easily keep up with it - actually gaining on it out of corners! The owner connected through Instagram and said he was struggling for grip - that car has 325/50 rear tyres and I'm on 205s!  I had the targa roof off as well! :)

Not sure about top speed but for real world driving I'll settle for that!

GT3 RS:  297 bhp / ton.  max torque 298 ft-lbs @ 5500 rpm
914EV:  238 bhp /ton.  max torque 243 ft-lbs from 0 rpm





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8 hours ago, TargaWayne said:

Not sure if it the colour, extending the body colour to the sills, the new side light/indicators, or the combination of all three. But it doesn't look dated, like most 914s. A fantastic job.


Exactly the right response!  I like cars that aren’t ‘shouty’ but make you wonder why they look different.  

I want non car people to walk straight by it and car people to stop in their tracks. 

A few other pointers:  Modern thinner screen rubber, black frames, side mirror delete, side repeater delete, closer fitment of bumpers.   lowered on 7 & 8s.   It’s Carrera GT silver btw.  

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