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914 EV vs GT3 RS

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Went to a car show yesterday in the 914 EV   I'm still setting the car up - needs geo etc but am getting to grips with how it drives.   It does feel quite spritely but until now no real comparison with anything.

Anyhow, I was parked next to a 997.1 GT3 RS at the show and we just happened to leave in convoy.   On the twisties and overtaking I could easily keep up with it - actually gaining on it out of corners! The owner connected through Instagram and said he was struggling for grip - that car has 325/50 rear tyres and I'm on 205s!  I had the targa roof off as well! :)

Not sure about top speed but for real world driving I'll settle for that!

GT3 RS:  297 bhp / ton.  max torque 298 ft-lbs @ 5500 rpm
914EV:  238 bhp /ton.  max torque 243 ft-lbs from 0 rpm





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8 hours ago, TargaWayne said:

Not sure if it the colour, extending the body colour to the sills, the new side light/indicators, or the combination of all three. But it doesn't look dated, like most 914s. A fantastic job.


Exactly the right response!  I like cars that aren’t ‘shouty’ but make you wonder why they look different.  

I want non car people to walk straight by it and car people to stop in their tracks. 

A few other pointers:  Modern thinner screen rubber, black frames, side mirror delete, side repeater delete, closer fitment of bumpers.   lowered on 7 & 8s.   It’s Carrera GT silver btw.  

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Quick update on the 914 EV.  Always had a bit of judder from the rear on acceleration.  A real saga..

First of all it was thought to be the inner drive 'cups' which are Tesla - a three slider/bearing affair - not seating deep enough.  The driveshafts could have been made a few mm longer.   This wasn't going to happen since they are custom made, hardened and incredibly expensive.  So, to seat the bearings further in the cup I managed to find some CV adapters for the outer ends effectively pushing the cups in more.  Sadly no change to the judder.

The next idea was the driveshaft angle which is quite large due to the positioning of the motor forwards of the wheels - the driveshafts point back.   The theory was that the inner metal edge of the boot flange was rubbing on the driveshaft.   Managed to find some Baja bug high angle boots which have wider flanges.  Although we saw a slight shine to the flange that came off, the bigger versions made no change to the noise / judder....

After a few thousand miles was getting worse with some clacking and clonking from the rear.  Jacking the car up showed that the o/s wheel bearing was shot.  Quite a surprise given only 3000 miles but they were the aftermarket cheap ones.  Booked the car in with Octane and Lee then discovered that the trailing are bushes are trashed too.  Might explain why the rear alignment was all the way to the end of the travel and still not correct.

So new bearings and polygraphte trailing arm bushes going in.

Torque isn't cheap after all.



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Car looks great. I’ve not really been on the forums to see it.

Developing a car is seldom linear journey.

A side step here or there is to be expected

This is part of the “fun” Jonny!

Similar driveshaft angle issues with running super low for a trackday car build for Dad/daughter days out thankfully there’s a cost effective fix for mine 

(Cris 911 Triple R)

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