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1991 Audi 80 16V

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16 hours ago, Phill said:

We've had our 1.2 500 for over 10 years now. Both kids learnt in it and it's just had it's first new clutch at 78k miles. 

I personally think they are awful cars and would never buy another as the build quality is bad and the ride terrible. :lol:

Yeah but it's got character Phill 🙂  That's why my wife wanted one, even thought we have a family of 5 and a dog and can't all fit in it!!

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As Jr WC can't afford to insure yet (not got a years no claims yet) a friend of his who asked to display the Audi drove it to Bicester Scramble today where it was part of an Octoberfest themed display

I didn't go but he said it went down well with lots of admirers





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How's your son getting on with his Audi WC?

My son just passed his test today and is desparete to buy a car, hopefully something interesting.

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