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1991 Audi 80 16V

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16 hours ago, Phill said:

We've had our 1.2 500 for over 10 years now. Both kids learnt in it and it's just had it's first new clutch at 78k miles. 

I personally think they are awful cars and would never buy another as the build quality is bad and the ride terrible. :lol:

Yeah but it's got character Phill 🙂  That's why my wife wanted one, even thought we have a family of 5 and a dog and can't all fit in it!!

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As Jr WC can't afford to insure yet (not got a years no claims yet) a friend of his who asked to display the Audi drove it to Bicester Scramble today where it was part of an Octoberfest themed display

I didn't go but he said it went down well with lots of admirers





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After hibernating the car away since buying it, he's earned a years no claims and saved enough to insure it for the  summer

1st MOT for him this week, failed on a dodgy fog light switch, brakes needing bleeding and headlight alignment

On the way back from the MOT I get a panicked message about the engine screeching when he's turning the steering wheel to full lock

No biggie, we'll sort it out, will only be a few easy jobs. Left him to it yesterday to jack it up to take the wheels off

Whoops, no harm done and one practical lesson of weight distribution on blocks learnt. 


Today, he learned how simple jobs on a car turn into big jobs as fast as his dad can say,

' ohhh, noooo, f**k it, you piece of s**t car, I've sheared the last brake bleed nipple'

Bleed nipple had WD40, blow torch, Dremel, impact driver, electric drill and sheared bolt extractor at it. Was never going to loosen, so new caliper and stainless bleed nipples all round ordered, that should fix it

So we cracked on with sorting out the squealy fan belt, found a mtg bolt had dropped out making the pump wobbly, belt is a bit perished and the toothed adjuster nut is chewed up. Parts on order so we'll tackle this job next weekend in time for the MOT re-test

Here he is enjoying classic  car ownership, dreaming of the day he gets to drive his own car


We did fix the fog light switch, so a win is a win!


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Yesterday was mostly spent, rolling around on the gravel putting the car back together

Got the power steering pump fitted securely with a new belt but think the braking bleeding needs to be done again with a pressure bleed

Ready for the 1st show of the year, the monthly Hook Norton classis car show




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