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Classic LEDs Ltd. bulb list for an impact bumper 911


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Dashboard - 12VBA7NWWX9 various colours available
Interior Lamps - 12V42WW
Glove Box - 12V42WW
Under Hood  -12V15SWW
Flasher Relay CF14
Indicators 12VINDSH
Number Plate  - 12V15SWW
Front Sidelights 12VBA9WW
Headlights - H4ZES1WWX2
Stop tail - 12VSTC
Reverse - 12V15S21WW
Heater Control - 12VT5NWW
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14 hours ago, Jonny Hart said:

Beware replacing the ignition warning light with an LED.   It may not take enough current to start the alternator charging.  Might require a resistor across it. 

Jonny, I've had my bulbs in for around 18 months and didn't have any issues with my standard alternator.


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23 hours ago, Type911 said:

The relay listed is a 3 pin, some of you may need the 4 pin version

True. Mine is an early car, so I also didn't order fog lights or side repeaters, but i think side repeaters might be 233 (5w 9mm)

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On 22/02/2022 at 12:49, Siy said:

Very useful - thanks.
I have an '82 SC - and I have Jonnys updated fusebox fitted.  

If I want to improve the interior lamps, is it as simple as plug and play?

Yes very simple

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