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Ridiculous price, but it almost feels inevitable... (Elferteile Cupholder)

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Anyone else ever see something that's so expensive that it makes them angry and still know that one day they'll give in to temptation?


elferteileshop.de - Cup - Holder für Porsche 911 F und G und 964


If anyone's seen one of these in the overpriced 3D printed plastic, and it works perfectly, please don't tell me;  I don't need the encouragement


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ok let me get this trait..i have written : i drove the s.h.i.t out of my 911  : so the word stuff is absolutely illegal in english dictionary speech..what the heck?? So i would have written ..i drive the p.o.o.p. ,extrements ,..f.e.c.e.s out of it that is legal??



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On 26/03/2022 at 20:10, Ian Comerford said:

Certainly a lot more expensive than the ones being sold by the guy on ddk.  https://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=69549&p=647060&hilit=Cup+holder#p647060

These are elegant, and the plastic ones that go in the door bin aren't bad either, but I don't like reaching down for stuff

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