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Brake lines NLA


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Went to the OPC and they no longer make or suggest an alternative to 91135562706 which is the brake pipe that goes from the rear brake junction on the right hand side, around the front of the gearbox, to the left rear flexi hose. 

Older versions (pre 87) are available, as is the turbo (up to 88), so I'm guessing it has to be a different shape/length to accommodate the G50 gearbox. 

Any suggestions for alternatives, will the older versions work with a bit of fettling? Or any recommendation for companies that can make up brake pipes in West London/Thames Valley?

It's a fairly 3d shape so I think posting it is out.

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Go and see Larry at PDQ Taplow, he'll make you any brake pipe you like but out of flexi hose. It's as good as solid but much more versatile IMHO. As he says, if they use 100% flexi pipes on race cars.... 

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2 hours ago, Type911 said:

Pretty sure the 07 would work, G50 came in in 86 so it doesnt really make sense!

For G50 cars the torsion tube was cut out in the middle, It looks like the part 91135562706 loops around to clear the gearbox, but 91135562704 which is for 915 gearbox cars goes behind the torsion tube.
Not sure why they don't make the pipe for G50 models, but they still make the older versions.  maybe the earlier version can be "refined"to fit.

(I will steam clean and add fresh stone guard)



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