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2008 Audi A3 TDIe - perfect motorway commuter; £30 / year tax; free MoTs


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Good morning all

Posting here in case of any interest. 

2008 Blue Audi A3 1.9 TDIe Sportback 5dr for sale for £3,390 in SYDENHAM, BOROUGH OF LEWISHAM (autotrader.co.uk)

We have owned the car since 2012 and are only selling as it is costing us a fortune in ULEZ fines (we live just outside the London South Circular and keep forgetting not to turn off it the wrong way).  It has incredible fuel economy: one tank will do London-Cardiff-London and costs just £30 a year in tax.  

We had an issue with the particulate filter about 6 years ago which cost nearly the price of the car again to fix (but it has stayed fixed).  Audi felt so sorry for us they gave the car free MoTs (at Audi) for life.

If anyone is interested, I am very happy to discuss.  Hoping to achieve as close to £3k as possible...

Grateful for any feedback!  And thanks for looking.



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