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Upgrade to Turbo Brake Master Cylinder?


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As you know I upgrade my brakes to Carbon 12 front and rears, braided hoses, race oil, etc. etc. as few years back, but never touched the master cylinder.

Brakes have been fine without any issues, but when compared to my other cars think I’d prefer a slightly firmer pedal.

I read the various threads on this subject and there seems to be conflicting advice as to whether the upgrade to the Turbo Brake Master Cylinder will help in this regard.


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I changed to a turbo mc some years ago, yes it does give less travel and a firmer feel.

I had already gone to Boxster front calipers which had increased travel and given softer pedal feel with the std mc.

The bigger turbo mc fixed it.


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Bigger volume in the callipers (more or larger pistons) requires more fluid volume from the primary cylinder!

Not allowed to use the term "master" or "slave" anymore within Ford sue to Political Correctness.

When I fitted 951 callipers I had to fit the 23mm non-servo cylinder to get a good pedal.

You should definitely change yours to the turbo cylinder.


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930 MC will give less pedal travel and a reduction in the power of the system.

As above I fitted 930 MC along with the Boxster fronts and 3.2 rears on mine. The pedal feel in very solid and needs a good push but provides excellent modulation. 

I started by looking at the surface area of all the pistons fitted within the standard SC calliper arrangement. Then repeated the exercise for a standard 930, 3.2 and Boxster / 3.2. You can then calculate the ratio using the 21mm SC/3.2 MC and 23mm 930MC.



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Boxster calipers on an 88 3.2 here, standard 'primary' cylinder with bias valve removed.  Pedal feel is great and with no noticeable difference from previous setup.  

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8 hours ago, Beaky said:

Quickie, is it correct that the later G50 cars had the bigger capacity MC, so no need to upgrade to the turbo MC?

No, same master for SC and 3.2

We have the ATE turbo masters on special at present, I also have used ones I can do a deal on!

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Ok, spanner throwing time.  

My 914 has SC front end with standard SC callipers.  Rear callipers are puny std 914.  

Has a Tesla electric servo and a 26mm MC.   Brakes are epic - far better than my SC, 914 is heavier (1250kg).   Go figure.  

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