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My 1987 930 RUF BTR 3.4 official conversion has returned home following 9 months with the Porsche engine builder.

This means that I will be selling some parts, as we took the US spec engine parts off the car and returned to Euro spec.

My question is how to sell the parts. Should I sell them 'as is'? They were all working fine before we took them off but they are not pristine, should I clean them myself? Get them professionally cleaned? Get some of the bits refurbished (like the Warm Up Reg. and distributor head?

Any advice would be welcome

I have collected the part numbers from the selection of spares, together with 2 spare WURs which came with the car;

930 111 135 Mixture housing unit
930 110 180 (1988) Porsche Turbo intake
5326 102 3303 Turbo bypass
903 110 134 Turbo intake manifold
Bosch 0280 140 204 Aux air valve
Bosch 0438 140 112 Warm Up Regulator
Bosch 0438 140 112 Warm Up Regulator
Bosch 0438 100 145 Fuel Distributor
Bosch 0438 140 153 Warm Up Regulator
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