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help with value of Porsche/Fuchs 16x7 and 16x9 wheels


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Would be grateful for some guidance on the value of a set of wheels I'm looking to sell. They're period Porsche/Fuchs wheels removed from my 88 IB. At some point in the past they were refinished by Nick Moss of early911. They're WB widths, 7" front and 9" rears. Tyres are 205/55 16 and 245/45 16 rears, Conti SportContact 2 N2 rated. 5-6mm tread on all of them with nice even wear.

The wheels each have the odd chip and mark (aka patina!) but no kerbing or other damage. Gold centre caps are included. £2200?

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Sounds like a good starting point, but be prepared to drop a few hundred to move them on.

Not quite sure where prices start as things these days are muddied with the fact you can buy new from Porsche and replicas are much better quality and finish than they use to be.

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You can actually buy directly from Fuch's, a new set of 8' cost me around £1k, I think the 9's were only slightly dearer but that was 3 years back and inflation is high at present, so think depending on condition £1900-2200 is abut right

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Gold wheel centres - where the standard Fuchs wheels on an IB are matt black these are gold. Will get some piccies up.

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