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CDi Ignition Control Unit - Replacement Options

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Evening gents

I have a very original 1987 930 that has recently been recommissioned after a long lay-off. 

The car ran for around 100+ miles as sweet as a nut, and then on one of the very hot days in July while cruising up to a set of traffic lights that were on red - she simply died on me and refused to start.  The original CDI unit has been replaced with a spare (of questionable vintage and condition) and she now runs sweet as you like again, except that every so often she emits a load mechanical sounding noise - god only knows what this is, but it wasn't there previously. 

Anyway, my question is this - I think I am best replacing both the original CDI control unit and coil with new items in order to address the start/ running issues - what's my best (and most reliable option).  I want the car to run as standard, and as such I have no desire to do anything clever with timing etc.  As far as I can see my options are OEM Bosch; Permatune; Classic Retrofit or MSD - did I miss anything?  Would welcome your thoughts on replacement options and your own experiences?  

Many thanks


ps - I am hoping (and praying) that improved ignition components will also eliminate the loud noise that she has emitted on a few occasions.

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3 hours ago, rattytat said:

Thank you - is it truly 'plug and play', or do you need to go through any set up of the unit when it's on the car?  Out of interest, what coil did you use with the CDI+ unit? 

speak to Jonny @ classicretrofit , he designed the CDI for his car and knows his stuff , He is an IB member to boot

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Another happy CDI+ user here. Jonny kindly set the rev limiter on mine for me, advance curve is set as standard so truly plug and play, although it can be tuned later if you wish. Lots of other clever features. Highly recommended, call Jonny to discuss your requirements.



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