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Engine swaps


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Greetings, I am looking for a bit of advice regarding engines: I have a 1977 911 Targa that had an SC engine (6380298) fitted in the 90's so a non matching numbers car (original 5 speed gearbox), engine is the 180 BHP job. Would a 1975 Carrera 3.0 engine be a straight swap? And go straight onto the 77 gearbox?



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It is certainly newer, if your 3.0 has the older 5 (or 7?) bladed smaller fan, then SC certainly has better cooling. While both engines may have started with 180 or 200bhp, would you notice now? If it was more performance you were after I'd sell the 3.0 and use some of the money to upgrade the SC unit to 3.1 perhaps with fizzier cams, 230 bhp should be easy enough. Even just higher compression ROW pistons should bring it up to 204bhp of later SC. Plus, it already fits and works.... My 2p at least. 

As a caveat, always ask an expert engine builder for their advice before getting out the cheque book and pen.....

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Your 3.0 engine should have the 6 bolt crankshaft and be common with Carrera 3.0, 3.0 turbo and more importantly 3.0RS/RSR which means the case is quite sort after for racing.

FIA allows your case to be used in 2.7 RS and 2.8 RSR as well.


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