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Any info on this car?


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Morning all,

I am currently considering this car. Reg F536LTU, 1988 930 Turbo. 

It was for sale about a year ago (circa £90k) but didn't sell. Given it's apparent condition, (photo evidence of extensive body restoration) I'm not sure why it didn't sell. It's currently undergoing some engine/turbo work but seems like a nice car. 

Does anyone have any intel on this car? Good, bad, indifferent. I think I've found a PPI provider (Northern England area) but happy to receive any further comments on that too.





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It looks like it was on sale at Bonhams in 2019 having been restored


The number plate was also on this vehicle. which had been messed about


MOT was done in 2013 with 88747 miles which matched ad of the light blue car. It ran out and wasn't renewed until 2019 with the same mileage.

I think the light blue car was sold in 2013 (for 25k!!) and then extensively restored back to standard spec, to be put up for sale at Bonhams.


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That's really interesting and useful. Definitely the same car. I'm still wondering what put people off buying. I have physically seen the car and it's still looking very good. 

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