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How to stop the plated parts from tarnishing?


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Just had a complete engine rebuild and I had all the pipes, fuel rails, brackets and fasteners vapour blasted and yellow zinc plated.

Has anyone found a way to protect all these plated parts so that don’t tarnish again?





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Thanks guys, that's three products which might do the trick. Need to clean the engine down now. I know its all been out and cleaned but when I had the parts cleaned and plated or the manifold parts vapour blasted I sprayed WD-40 over them to protect whilst they awaited the engine builder to put together. It was several months as some parts had to be sent for machining and the bores were re-Nikasiled.

I guess a light spray of degreaser and a gentle rinse would do the trick. Apart from the distributor, are there any other parts that would be worth protecting from water.


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Thanks. It was a lot of hard work, but the vapour blaster and the Platers did an excellent job. The two multi ended rubber fuel and metal hoses under the manifold were difficult but the blaster was able just to hit the metal parts and the Platers didn’t use the initial acid dip but just a good degrease. 

That’s why I’m keen to find something which will preserve the finish.

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