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New to me, at last ...


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This is a car that I have been interested in for years.

I've had the '75 2.7 Carrera, still have a '73 2.4S and for a time owned a 3.2 Jubilee ... plus a variety of 964 / 993 / 996 / 997 RS / GT3 / and Cayman  R / GT4 etc, not all at the same time !

I looked at the Red car ... but wasn't sure ... and am delighted now to have found a beautiful, well used but brilliantly stored and maintained White car ... what else could it possibly have been ?

It had been in "current" ownership for over 20 years ... the car about which Mike Wilds waxed lyrical ... and now mine.

I've only got a picture from when I picked it up because as with all my cars, it has gone in for a full service and a few other bits and bobs ... such as re-fitting the original steering wheel ... which I like.




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Thanks all, I have always believed that there were 350 of these cars, of which 53 came to the UK.

As with the '76 2.7 Carreras that are rarely shown (but exist) ... I am struggling to make the number of Club Sports add up ....

Peter Morgan shows ROW 3.2's in '87 -- 81 cars, '88 -- 148 cars, and '89 -- 90 cars, plus for the USA '87 -- 300 cars, '88 -- 82 cars and '89 -- 7 cars ....

I also read that there were only around 27 cars in the USA which would make more sense of the 350 total ...

Of course the USA cars were less powerful and heavier and maybe like the American 964RS they were really not the same car as the ROW 964RS cars, but can anybody explain this ?

I noticed recently at the 2022 Gooding -- Pebble Beach sale, a European 3.2 Clubsport in an interesting green colour (one of one) sold for over $400k with around 30,000 miles under its belt -- does this underpin the notion that the USA cars really are not comparable to the ROW cars ? 

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That's all numbers smumbers, just drive it! 😁

BTW I always thought US cars had lower compression ratio for emissions or low spec fuel something and probably a cat.  They also had fatter/heavier bumperettes and maybe tougher telescopic bumper shocks which will add a few kgs.

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I had recently bought an unused 2011 987 Boxster Spyder .... Mike fancied a different kind of experience and wanted to sell the car to somebody that he could keep in touch with (and the car!) ... so we did a swop with a balance in his favour :)

Both very special cars ... but the 3.2 Club Sport is something else ...

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Mike loved his Clubsport - I remember talking to him at Bedford Autodrome many years ago about his car and comparing experiences on how 3.2s drive.  This pic was a little later, 2007 I think at Silverstone during one of the earlier vintage Impactbumpers trackday meets.  I recall Mike giving tuition to a couple of the IB posse that day, including ACE (Tim) & Dr Danger (Duncan) and taking the wheel of ACE's 3.6 Hot-Rod.  The other Clubsport in pic belonged to Jez, another IB member at the time.


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Hi Chris,

Congratulations on buying your CS, great cars indeed. There seems to be 28 C16 cars still registered in the UK, with gone for good and some that have been shipped overseas of the UK 53.

Your old N-GT went to Switzerland and then on to Italy, if owner ever contacts you I still have the original ECU.

Hope all is well.

Simon - Barty



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Thanks Simon,

Yes all well thanks, as I hope everything is for you.

Very interesting on the number still in the UK ... I tried looking on How many Left but they don't differentiate the models down to this level.

The old N-GT taught me to drive on track ... I did Km20,000 in it ... thanks for letting me know about the ECU and I hope that I am contacted at some stage so that I can put the two of you in touch :)

Regarding the 3.2CS ... I also think it looks wonderful !




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Bit late to this topic........

I'm one of the lucky few with a UK CS - have owned mine for a number of years - but not as long as Mike Wilds had his!

Would never part with mine not least because my daughter wants the car when I'm too old to drive - a while yet hopefully 😁 

Chris - enjoy the CS - they are very special and under appreciated cars.





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5 minutes ago, Type911 said:

Check the the service history - good until 2008 with stamps from the likes of Autofarm, Parr and Porsche Main Dealers.

However, then there's an 11 year gap to 2019......... 

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