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Dansk standard, sport or race

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I’ve seen mention that Dansk do 3 rear mufflers for the 3.2, whilst I can find the standard and sport I can’t seem to find the “Race” for sale.

I’ve seen on here a video of someones car with what they refer to as the Dansk race muffler

My car is having work done at present and needs the exhaust sorting so any recommendations for a straight through pre silencer and rear box that are currently in stock much appreciated, looking to go louder than stock !

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2 hours ago, vipergreenrs said:

for a straight through pre silencer

If your car is a non CAT car your pre silencer is already straight through. The factory pre silencer has a straight through perforated pipe internally and no packing, see second pic.



In my experience there is only a small difference in sound between the factory pre silencer and an aftermarket one. There is a difference in the weight though (6kg for the std one and 3kg for the stainless one, as in first pic).


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