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Value of first generation front sports seats?

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I have a pair of what I believe are genuine sports seats inc. rails (that came with my restomod project) that I am going to sell so looking for an idea of a fair value.  I believe these are "first generation" ones '74-'80 as the first picture illustrates.  The project vehicle has been off the road since the mid-80s and this is reflected in the great condition of the seats which show no signs of general wear apart from some damage to the drivers side bolster (last pic).  There's a couple of other minor nicks in the leatherette/vinyl which I have close-ups photos of and other pictures all around both seats which I would attach when selling.   The rest of the vinyl is in great condition as are the cloth (velour?) inserts.  Given that these are 42-48yrs old they are in remarkably good condition, I feel.






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I would say £1k.

A few sets have sat at just over this on ebay, so that should tell you the top end.

Pinstripe which is a fairly small market. Otherwise you need to sell them to someone who wants to retrim which isn’t cheap.



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