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So, when will my '82 car become tax free?

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Hi all. A V5 tax reminder has arrived asking for money to tax my SC. It was registered on 2nd August '82 and so is MOT exempt but according to the DVLA a vehicle registered before 1st Jan '82 becomes exempt tax exempt after 1st April 2022 (random date, 40 years 3 months!) so, my question is when exactly WILL my car become exempt? 

Thanks, Chris.


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35 minutes ago, Lesworth said:

There is nothing better than doing something that is free of taxation 😉

I entirely agree! I also have been known to break speed limits just for fun! I must be a rebel. Sopor, thanks for your idea, I may just do that although looking at the weather today I'm not sure it will get out much! 

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44 minutes ago, sopor said:

Cheapest option would to be to tax it for 12 months, SORN it on 31 March and get a refund for 8 unused months and then re tax it for free in early April?

Opt to pay by DD and you can revert to SORN at the end of any month you choose.

You can then effectively opt to tax for one month only.

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Sorry to hi-jack the question, but does anybody know how to prove the date of manufacture, now that Porsche don't offer Certificates of Production?   Mine is an import and was first registered in Switzerland Feb 83.  Just wondering if it was manufactured in 82, then it would be handy come April, rather than having to wait another year.

The V5 has the date of registration as the UK registration date so suspect I may need to get that changed.



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Ask them but I suspect there’s not much you can do about it. As an import DVLA will take the stance that your car was manufactured 31st December in the manufactured year, even if you could show otherwise.

I’ve a German market SC built first week January ‘82. DVLA regard it as built 31st December ‘82, in spite documentation. 

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Thanks.   If they don't take notice of your build date documentation, then I can save the effort of trying to get it.

Pity - means another 15 months of ULEZ and VED tax payments... it would be just my luck that the exemption is closed before I get to take any benefit.

Although at the moment all I have is the registration date of Feb 83.  I wonder if I could prove it was built in 82 then they would count it as Dec 31 82, which would still be ok?   Might still be worth trying to find out the build date. 

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On 16/01/2023 at 07:44, Type911 said:

Whats your VIN?

Sorry - missed that question.

Its: WP0ZZZ91Z0S101036

Manufacture date is supposed to be digit 10 (0) but that isn't a valid manu year - should be C or D.  


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Looks like your in luck!
Vehicle Identification No.
SC Coupe 911
Date of production
Sales type
Engine Code
Transmission Code
Axle drive
Roof color
Exterior color / Paint Code
X7 /
Number of Z-Orders
PR Number
2-point seat belts, rear manual
Door mirror - flat - passenger's side, electrically adjustable and heatable
Tinted side windows and tinted windscreen
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