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Front Floormats for 3.2 Carrera with A/C


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I’m looking for a set of front mats in Black to fit a 1976 3.2 Carrera with Aircon.

If I’m not mistaken Porsche don’t supply OEM ones anymore?

What are the options for a high quality UK aftermarket replacement that look as OEM as posssible?

Any one purchased any recently that could recommend?

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I recently bought mats for my rhd ‘88. I wanted them to look factory so went for:

- correct black carpet and edging

- two metal eyelets in each front mat with the OEM clips that bolt in to the seat frame and then the toggles on those go through the eyelets in the mat to hood them in place.


I got southbound to do them for me and they really well priced and looked factory. Don’t forget to mention the aircon to them.

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