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Storing 911 (Photos)


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Can anyone recommend any cover for my 911 that will keep the car protected through the colder months (I'm based in Ireland)? As per photos below, I have the car in my garage, but unfortunately the garage is not very suitable for older / classic cars, as it is not air tight, heated or double glazed.

I was thinking maybe there is some special heated / ventilated powered cover that you can wrap the car in?

Any suggestions or tips that I could try? Thanks in advance for your help.







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There is Carcoon, but seems a bit over kill for your snazzy garage!  Maybe just a basic cotton cover to keep the dust off and bosh a dehumidifier or fan on with a timer to circulate the air.

Mine lives in a cold, draughty timber garage and has never suffered from what I can tell.  Only thing I do is disconnect the battery and leave the windows open a touch.

I would have thought well ventilated is better than air tight?


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