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Oil Change during lay-up: Turn engine over?


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I usually get my winter oil change done before laying up so that after, I can take for a drive  and get her nicely warmed up. This year I've not been able to and the car is now tucked up for winter (as it's in the UK). I've just dropped the oil and about to bung 9 litres in. As I don't want to take for a drive (it's in a very rural area and the country lanes are inches deep in mud now), would you a) just fill tank and leave b) turn over with DME removed C) fire her up and let her sit until warmed up?

I'm probably guilty of over thinking this but the problem I can see with a) is the oil is in the tank with absolutely nothing at the crank, or is that not a problem....dry sump and all that?


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I’d wait for those that really know to come along, but while I’ve got my keyboard out ……


As a lot of oil manages to drain out of the tank into the sump while standing anyway, I’d just spin the engine over until the oil light goes out but without starting it (fuel pump disabled).  My thinking is that the oil filter will then be filled, but I’ve not dribbled any fuel down the bores

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Thanks chaps. Just to close this off in case anyone ends up in same situation, chatted to my friendly Indy and here's his advice.....you really want the oil to circulate round the system after the fill so remove DME, and crank for 3 cycles of up to 20 secs. Then leave alone until next proper start up (in Spring). 

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