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Headlining question

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Hi all

decided to fit the headlining on my 76 coupe with sunroof, worth having a go 🤪

my question is

around the inside of the sunroof hole the lower part, the cassette ! It Has a small rubber trim around it , I fitted a new one but I’m assuming the headlining goes over this trim looking at general pictures thereafter it’s glued 

if the trim weren’t there it would be a metal sharp edge 

any assistance appreciated


The car current has no screen or trims and all the new trims are easily removable 

By the way 

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Well I had a go at the headlining and it turned out really good, in fact I can’t see that it could be improved on if I must say myself. And I saved around £600 of upholsters costs.

I would recommend that anyone thinking of doing this , DO IT. Admittedly I had no glass or trim in.

take your time and with the help of all those bulldog clips and evostik it’s a doddle.

I found the smaller 25mm width bulldog clips were best gripping.

I’ve since,  virtually finished the carpet and although this is a kit made to my specifications of salt and pepper it still requires careful cutting and trimming but the results are superb.

great satisfaction when a job turns out good

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